About YSG Automation

A family-owned and operated company that fosters growth and innovation.

Why Choose Us?

At YSG our customers get the attention they deserve and desire, regardless of the size of the project.

Our Mission.

To push the limits of innovation and technology in the automation industry and to provide the highest quality product and support.

What we Do.

Our primary goal is to help our customers meet their goals and to support them through the entire build process.

About Us, YSG Automation, Kohler, Wisconsin

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YSG Automation provides turnkey integrated manufacturing solutions that enable manufacturers to reduce production costs through automation. We are innovative, focused on customer service, and strive to exceed customer expectations. The team is dedicated, energized, and driven to provide innovative, cost effective equipment. Our ongoing success is derived from the ingenuity, skill, and passion of our team members at all levels. We maintain a company culture that acknowledges positive contributions and fosters individual growth.

Any Need

YSG takes the cutting edge of automation technology and applies it to your business needs. State of the art robotics, system engineering and prototype development keeps our customers at the forefront of their industries. We serve any business automation need.

Our Facility


We can handle your project from start to finish with our full machine shop and fabrication area. Additionally, we have multiple control panel and machine assembly areas, allowing us to work on any size project. Since we manage the entire fabrication process, we offer the highest quality turnkey solutions with an innovative and dedicated team that ensures exceptional functionality and ROI.

About Facility, YSG Automation, Kohler, Wisconsin

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Leadership Team

Rick Yinko

Rick Yinko

Owner, Systems Engineer

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Abby Yinko

Abby Yinko

Owner, Executive Assistant

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